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Ротарі Клуб "Черкаси-Центр" ROTARY CLUB "CHERKASY-CENTRE"
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RC Cherkasy-Centre has been the club of a newly created District 2232 since July 1 2016. It used to be a part of District 2230.

Rotary Club “Cherkasy Centre” was registered in RI on July 17, 2003 and its Charter was festively handed over to the Club on October 11, 2003. There were a lot of guests from Germany, Poland, Rotarians from Kharkiv, Dniprodzerzhynsk, Poltava, Kobeliaky, Donetsk, Kyiv, Rotaractians from the capital of the country at the festive event. This recognition paper was given by the District 2230 Governor Jezhy Karasinkski. On behalf of the Oblast Council the Club was greeted by the first Governor deputy Mykola Tymoshenko, and by the Mayor deputyOleksii Nazarenko.

So far, by January 1, 2017 there are 36 Club memebers and the Club is on the stage of strengthening and enlarging. Since 2016 the Club has been the most numerous club in District 2232.

The Charter President of the Club was Andrii Riabishchuk.

The  President in 2018-2019 cadence is IGOR KORSUN (Тел.Viber +38 0503134725)  E-mail: rotary.ck@ukr.net

The main programmes are “The Children’s Hearts” (in cooperation with German Rotarians) and “Let’s Overcome Tuberculosis Together” , which are being carried out in the regional children’s sanatorium Ruska Poliana (the director, Rotarian Leonid Lashchenko). The Club also supports youth Interac-Cherkasy and Rotaract-Smile Clubs.

At the meetings the Club discusses the strategy for the nearest and further prospects. We are planning to initiate other useful for the community projects and students’ exchanges. We are proud of our friendship with Our Partner Club from Yelenia Gura Tseplitse, Poland, with which we have signed the cooperation agreement.

On November 20, 2003 Interact-Cherkasy (scholl students aged 12-17) was created, in which there were 24 students from 8 Cherkasy schools (supervisor Serhii Saienko). The first Interact President was Oleksandr Piskunov.

Interact holds meetings every Thursday at 11.05 a.m. in First City Gymnasia, Cherkasy http://fcg.ck.ua/interact.html and works in children’s shelter Teplyi Dim (Warm House) every Sunday. In 2016 the Club started new programmes at the regional children’s oncological hospital and in the dog shelter Druh (Friend).

2018-2019 cadence Interact President is Anastasia Gorbenko (Tel.viber+380661538860)

In 2007 Rotaract-Cherkasy (youth aged 18-30) was opened. 

The Club has its meetings every Monday at 6 p.m.in First City Gymnasia (Sviatotroitska Street 68) E-mail: rotary.ck@ukr.net


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